Fashion may have taken a different turn in the world but in some parts of Africa it is taking time for some people to accept specific fashion trends that’s familiar with the western part of the world but isn’t  conversant with us in this part of Africa, Ghana.

Before every semester resumes, I plan how I would like to present myself and how I will like to look. This semester, I planned on wearing black jeans, a jacket and a pair of boots which I succeeded with but the feedback I received was crazy. Though one may assume the outfit plan didn’t sound so bad, wait; until you see it.

One unusual Sunday afternoon, I was asked to be a model for a makeup tutorial, knowing it was fashion linked I simply shove of the fact it was a Sunday and fashioned this look I had planned for school. With my boots and an off shoulder top I felt I looked superb to sway the figure and sit in front of a group of professional makeup artist.


Punctual as usual I sat over four hours having one of Ghana’s finest male makeup artists create looks with my face to educate fellow makeup artist. At the end of the tutorial I had the Barbie doll face look and with my doll face I landed myself at TV3 premises where I was to support my girl Ayeley, one of the ladies contesting in the GHANA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL PAGEANT.


Entering the premises I had my chest tighten up and being myself I crossed the threshold of the TV3 premises only for one lady to shout “today they have come here to kill us”. Not surprised I realized everyone was staring at me and in my head I heard “turn around please or simply act like it’s nothing”.IMG_2349

Where were my friends? My head was hot for a moment being the centre of attraction because of my boots, then OMG the call I was waiting for came in; saving me from the many eyes that gazed like they had seen Jesus taking a vacation on earth.

The TV3 incident wasn’t enough to give me asthma and then this time my boots landed me a marriage proposal at a funeral. Wearing an all-black to a funeral I thought it would complement well with my black boots and then again pretty little boots followed me to mourn.IMG_2353

On my way with my big sister to the funeral a guy passed us by on a motor, I noticed he was staring; the next thing he was shouting on top of his voice “let’s meet at the funeral and talk pertaining to our marriage”. I was dumbfounded I turned to my sister and smiled saying “he was talking to you” then she said no he loved your boots so that’s you…what!

I got to the funeral and there was my mum present and the look on her face was confusing but with a smile I knew in her head she was saying “my daughter will kill me”. On the other hand were my relatives and my aunt who teased, asking me why I was wearing my grandma’s boots from the 1940’s. I smiled and told them it’s just the trend for me now; I didn’t end the sentence and then another MARRIAGE PROPOSAL from one random guy at the funeral grounds.

Kill me already, the guy who looked tipsy complimented my style and further went on to say I won’t be bad if I were his wife. People fall in love in Ghana after seeing how different you look. Ow! Ghana!

A new style in Ghana snatches everyone’s attention until it becomes the trend; no one sees it as eccentric anymore. The people who may have walked up to me to compliment my style maybe be less compared to the “is she from Ghana” ones. My people in Ghana stare less when you chance meeting or see new things.