Many times; without number a large crowd, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence have risen to levels where they believe the law in the country is zero and they are the law.

The law says that any person accused of committing a crime is presumed ‘innocent until proven guilty’.  In a competent court which exercises appropriate jurisdiction on such matters and persons; and that an accused person is entitled to bail as a constitutional right, unless in capital offenses or if the offense committed is a non-bailable offense.

On the 29th of May Captain Mahama was lynched by the youth of the Diaso township in Captain-Maxwell-Adam-Mahama2the Central Region because he had a gun on him while jogging along the main road where he stopped to ask for further directions from some women. An alarm was raised by the residents, who had witnessed an armed robbery incident the night before and were on alert for culprits.

Upon receiving information that the soldier, who was dressed in civilian clothes, was carrying a gun, the residents led by the assemblyman organised some youth in the town to beat him to death and burn his mortal remains.

Community members, out of anger or frustration under wrong perceptions feel the law isn’t enough to punish wrong doers since they will always will be discharged and acquitted. It is criminal to engage in any illegal act, but it is also criminal to damage state infrastructures used for administration of Justice or to lynch a suspected criminal.

There have been instances where the criminals themselves are smart enough to throw the chase away from themselves and direct the mob to an unsuspecting innocent bystander. An innocent person suffered because of the emotional reaction the public who could not wait for the police to act.

Mob violence should lead to a jail time, and the Government of Ghana should launch a multimedia campaign to stop mob violence. The campaign should have on board or partner with local authorities, who will visit communities across the country to hold workshops, conduct dramas, and use flash teams to spread messages against mob-violence.  Radio stations and individuals should be encouraged to promote messages against mob-violence on social media as well.

The country Ghana is in chaos if mobs decide the faith of perpetrators. The country Ghana will be doomed if our lives are decided by mobs. The country Ghana will be back to barbarism which existed in the early times if mobs are having power over the law. The law must take its full course. CAPTAIN  MAHAMA should be the hash tag from today to stop mob killing, it has to be now or never and to the family of the Captain I wish to extend my condolence.

The worst has taken the life of a Captain in the army. My heart bleeds and cries out for justice for Captain Maxwell Mahama, a member of the 5th Infantry Battalion on detachment duties.Captain-Maxwell-Adam-Mahama



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