CODEO’s preparations for the Electionn Day field observation includes; the deployment of Rapid Response Observers (RPOs) and Roaming Observers (ROs). CODEO has trained 30 Regional Coordinators (RCs), 550 Constituency Supervisors (CS) and 7000 stationary PROs.

At each level of the training CODEO observers were taken through a legal framework and stimulation exercises during the training. For free and fair elections members selected to observe the elections by CODEO were recruited based on professionalism and non-partisan ties to any parties.

Co-chair of CODEO, Prof. Miranda Greenstreet announced the deployment of 8000 observers including 1500 Parallel Voters’ Tabulation Observers throughout the country on election.

The polling station observation will be monitored by 7000 Rapid Response Observers (PROs) to a representative sample of polling stations throughout the country. In addition to the 7000 PROs, CODEO will deploy close to 1000 Regional coordinators, Constituency Supervisors and General Assembly Members as Roaming Observers in all 10 regions.

Parallel Vote tabulation (PVT) is the observation of all 275 Constituency Centers as well as the National Results Collations Centre (NRCC ) in Accra. They will observe and report on results collation, tabulation and declaration. The Parallel Vote methodology employed in the 2008 and 2012 elections will be employed using time tested statistical principle allowing CODEO to provide the most comprehensive and accurate account of the voting and counting process, as well as the quality of the election process across the country.

The PVT methodology will allow CODEO to independently verify the accuracy of the tabulation process and the official presidential results declared by the EC. CODEO will share its findings on the Presidential result after the declaration of the results by the Electoral Commission.


All CODEO polling station observers will wear shirts and caps embossed with CODEO’S name. CODEO observers will report to polling stations on arrival and stay till the end of official declaration of the ballot count either at the polling station or the constituency collating center. Observers will monitor all procedures and file reports on any incident throughout the day.

CODEO will thoroughly observe AND analyze the conduct of voting around the country with the help of observers observing and reporting using Short Message Service (SMS) technology to the CODEO national/information Centre at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre where CODEO will be issuing regular statements on the election process.

An incident desk will be mounted at the CODEO National Observation Centre where reports of irregularities, disruptions and other negative incidents in the voting process.

Justice Vincent Cyril Richard Arthur Charles Crabbe former Justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana, also a Co-chair of CODEO advised Ghanaians to hold once again another reasonably, credible, peaceful and transparent election. Crabbe urged Ghanaians to use this opportunity to elect leaders and representatives to demonstrate willingness to participate fully in the democratic process, and, above all, commitment to accountable governance.

He added that it is critical that the Electoral Commission, and indeed, all stakeholders in the process play roles diligently and with integrity ensure that the process and its outcomes enjoy widespread public acceptance.


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