Just this evening, I saw my mother walk up and down the hall with such pain on her face. I asked her “why” and she told me your dad is inside just go see him. Before I reached the door my dad pulled me into the room and in three words to me: “grandpa has left us” in my native tongue. Couldn’t believe that sentence and quickly he asked me not to cause any alarm. I didn’t want to face the truth, I tried so hard to be strong but how can you hide the stabbing knife those words took to my heart?

The surprise on my face left me dumbfounded. Will I walk into his funeral just after we buried grandma three months ago? This man was so lovely, so why take him now? I wished more than ever he would wake up and make me smile like he always did.

He was a father to behold

This was our last picture and the last one ever he took


A best friend to cherish

A guardian to be adore

A teacher, the best one to regard


I am sad I couldn’t have the many laughs I thought I would have with you
I wish I could go back in time- I couldn’t ask for more
I miss the wonderful moments we had
The memories I have was one of yesterday
But where do I go now? What do I do?
How do I continue to live without you knowing the selfie we took was the last

No one will understand that it’s impossible to forget you
Having you in my life, was the best dream come true
But since you’ve left this world, the sky is a different blue
Words can’t express the emptiness within

You can no longer be seen, by the human eye,
But your soul and love that you gave so many, will never ever die
Sometimes I wish I could tell myself that you ain’t dead
If I could make just one wish right now, I’d wish you back to stay
I guess this is the way life goes, and God’s will we must accept
But I hope you didn’t feel this pain or weep the way I’ve wept

I miss a million things, every detail of who you are
I guess this earth can’t handle things so pure and true
People who knew us saw the happiness our meetings always brought you

Grandpa you replaced my dad when no family from dad’s side ever wanted to be there

You gave us all the encouragement we needed

I wish our last selfie in the hospital that morning wasn’t the last
I look around and see so many mean people who get to keep living
I have thought maybe He chose you

Your last message to me in the hospital told me all
You only deserve the absolute best
They say that only the good die young, never were words so true
You weren’t so young but your deeds made you



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