June 3rd marked my one year anniversary of the June 3rd flood that happened in Accra last year.

I had woken up that morning not knowing what the day had set ahead of me. It was a terrifying experience when I felt the floods dragging me into the big gutters below the bridges opposite the Paloma Hotel, Kokomlemle. Then and there, I knew I just had one life. This while I felt I was immortal because people kept dying and I was alive, little did I know it was because of the GRACE I enjoyed as a child of God.

It all began when I closed from work at 5pm and was ready to set off for the house but the rains began and I decided to stay back at work till it subsided.

I couldn’t wait any longer; all my colleagues had left with the exception of our senior staff, Mr. Suleman. he didn’t have second thoughts about going home and advised me to do same because he got news regarding the blast at the filling station that killed dozens of people. Still impatient, I called my cousin to notify her, telling her about the reason why I had stayed longer at work and she prompted me to stay if I could for a while because there was a serious flood at Circle in Accra.

At exactly 8:30pm, I called my dad living in Kumasi to report the ongoing eventualities to him. He also pleaded with me to stay at work but I couldn’t because I had to travel the following day. After talking for a couple of minutes, my dad asked me to get a taxi from Kokomlemle to Spintex-Lashibi where I live. I agreed but to my shock I couldn’t locate a single cab in the environs.

I concluded that I will still leave the office; so I packed and waved my
colleague good-bye. he pleaded with me to be careful. I smiled and replied “okay, goodnight” and sternly i walked out into the torrential rain which got me wet in seconds. I managed to walk pass several buildings and with no indication of the flood, I assumed it was all well. Descending the hill right in front of Société Générale Bank, my heart skipped a beat.

People were struggling to walk in the waters while some guys cautioned groups on where to pass and where not to. I asked myself if I was going to walk in that pool of water too; but before I could finish with that thought I saw myself in the waters. The waters reached my knee; it was like walking into a pool. Many p3eople were still in town, shops and cars were filled with water and people struggling to find something higher to climb or hold on to. It looked like I was in a movie scene; I immediately recalled how the bible had described how God used water to cleanse the world in Noah’s time. Where was Noah’s ark, did it leave me because I was too late?

I climbed a stairs which led to a shop close to a bridge.  After an hour, the waters rose and covered the stairs; now it reached my thighs.  I descended and walked down with the thought of walking home if that was possible which I knew wasn’t. Right after I de
scended the stairs a force dragged me towards the bridge which overflowed and had seized over three cars turning them upside down.

I screamed for help but what I got back was a scolding from the people around who were also protecting their lives. To them I was careless to have descended my safe spot. While screaming I shouted for God to help me. On the verge of giving up, something held my legs tight preventing me from moving further. I then forced myself to walk back into my safe zone (the stairs).

I felt I was all alone now; tears filled my eyes. I imagined how peaceful my family would be sleeping while I struggled out here for my life not sure if I was going to make it. Shaking in my clothes, I wept bitterly in silence until I saw a man walk pass me and I followed. I didn’t know where he was heading to but I heard him talk about going to start his bus. We got to his bus and I stared at him like a puppy. He sat in his “trotro” (bus), started his engine which according to him hasn’t responded after the flood but this time it did. Not caring where he was heading I jumped into the bus and I saw people running towards it too.

Thankfully, he was heading to Madina; a suburb of Accra. I had to alight at the mall and get another bus from there. It was 12:00am midnight. I felt I was safe around the mall until I saw two suspicious guys heading my way; hurriedly I mingled with a crowd close by. My savior was here; a cab. I stopped it and asked how much the driver was going to charge. I got so angry when he sought to charge me four times the usual price. I scolded him and told him to leave.

I turned and realized the guys were still monitoring my movement.  I nervously jumped into a bus that had stopped right in front of me, I didn’t know where it was heading to either but God was always good to me; as the bus was heading to Spintex. I alighted in front of KFC, community 18 and got myself a cab home – it was now 2:00am. I rushed to the kitchen, boiled some hot water and had a good bath to wash the mud of me. Dora my cousin was happy to see me; she didn’t sleep till I had arrived.

Early that morning, I packed and left Accra. I needed to leave for Kumasi to tackle pressing issues and to stay away from the thoughts of what had happened hours back. On my way to the VIP station, I had flashes of the cars that drowned in the bridge and people I had heard were dead and my eyes were filled with tears. I didn’t enjoy my peace for long when I heard a girl of 15 wailing at the back of the bus. I was getting pissed until people in the bus asked her what was wrong. She told them her mum and three little siblings never made it home the previous day. She got a call that morning informing her that her mum and siblings were found dead.

It was GRACE that brought me this far. If I can recall and share this testimony, I believe I am not immortal but mortal. I only have a life and must live to guide this life I have on earth. All thanks goes to GOD in heaven for protecting me.






  1. Slappy, must be Haiti was in a political vacuum where they were not treated differently from other nations. Rwanda was rise of the wingnuts. Rwandan ManDumpling was on the AM and told them the literate folk was stealerating their gawdJuices. Rwandan Beck was saying all those Others (Legerals/Probressivis) were conspiring to bring in Science-based curricula. Golly gee, and you wonder why I want stoopids to never be in power.Mold


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