DAVID OSCAR-I don’t see anything wrong with me speaking my mind


In an exclusive interview with David Oscar he gives an in-depth detail, why he moved from comedy to music and why the beautiful celebrities clutch whatever comment he makes and craft it into news.

David Oscar is a trained actor and graduate of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana. He works on creative contents for both TV and Radio. David hosted the humorous friendly show “LAUGH A MINUTE” which aired on VIASAT 1.

He stared in Sparrow Production’s PEEP, ADAMS APPLE and TENANTS both incredibly interesting series. His works on radio took root in different radio stations in the various regions.

Much recently he has branched from the world of comedy and movies into the competitive world of music. In this interview David Oscar will tell us more about himself and the banter with his beautiful celeb ladies.

Abanema: Welcome David

David Oscar: Thank you…(smiling)

Abanema: The Graphic Showbiz made headlines when Yvonne Nelson asked if you were a Ghanaian. Where are you from David?

David Oscar: I’m from Ghana. Koforidua is the only hometown I’ve known since I was born. I was born and raised there but my dad is from the Volta Region and my mum from the Eastern Region.

Abanema: Interesting! Where did you attend your basic and high school education?

David Oscar: Freeman Methodist from nursery to Junior High, then to Pope Johns SECONDARY and Junior Seminary for Senior High. Finally, to the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana.

Abanema: Long journeys sometimes end successfully, and with your education you found your stand. Why the diversion from comedy and acting to music?

David Oscar: As an artist, I’m in constant search for ways of expressing myself. I could sing but never imagined I will take it up professionally someday, I guess what necessitated the switch was when it became difficult to express my feelings and experiences comically , music became the necessary outlet and here I am.

Abanema: Are your fans expected to see you on the screens again anytime soon, not doing music but comedy?

David Oscar: Never say never.  At the moment music takes bulk of my time so am content.

Abanema: So far how many albums or singles do you have out there?

David Oscar: I have four singles out , Blow, MonaLiza, Get There One Day ft Afriyie Wutah and my recent release Rasta Love with songstress Angel. I’m still working towards my maiden Album.

Abanema: that’s going to be grand I believe. From what I read on the internet I assume you are a ladies’ man, getting all the ladies pounce on you for the comments or statements you make. The famous ones were the Yvonne Nelsons’ dumsor demo and Chrsitabel Ekeh’s response to the suggestion you made to fund Anas to investigate female actresses and presenters who land themselves roles. What do you think went wrong in those comments or statements you made?

David Oscar: It’s a democratic society so I have no qualms with anyone expressing his or her opinion about what I said or thought I said wrong. Just as I spoke my mind without attacking anyone, I would encourage all and sundry to do same with all civility. If we pride ourselves as being democratic, then we should be tolerant towards one another’s opinion.

To answer your question, I don’t see anything wrong with me speaking my mind. It just happens to look like certain people don’t want their opinions to be challenged when they speak, which perhaps explain all the abuse I suffered on social media.

Abanema: Thank you David. Are you ready to play? Yes or no, you are. Let’s get ready for this then.



Name one actor or actress you will love to go out with and why?

D.O: Actress? Helena Asante because she looks like someone I can carry

How many ladies have you dated in the entertainment industry, be frank.

D.O: I haven’t dated anyone in the industry. Not yet.

Not yet? That means you have hopes of dating someone, right?

Not about having hopes, you never say never, do you?

That’s rhetorical and explains itself. Are you currently dating?

D.O: I’m actually married to my music. I’m still looking for a match.

What is worst thing you regret ever doing?

D.O: I don’t regret anything, I have only one life to live, so I plan carefully before I execute anything.

Have you achieved anything in life that led you to believe you can do better?

D.O: I believe I can do better than I have so far so I try to maintain my appetite for more and keep dreaming

You keep dreaming…very inspirational. Aside cracking the ribs, music and acting, do you have any other hobbies or interest?

D.O: Yeah…I like to read…(pause) and sleep

Thank you so much David for your time……..





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